Imagine Dragons - Battle Cry (Ost. Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction).

Stars are only visible in darkness.
Fear is ever-changing and evolving.
And I, I can poison the skies.
And I, I feel so alive.

TRANSFORMERS 4 : AGE OF EXTINCTION IS COMING TO THE TOWN!! aaarrghhh! again, I get transformers lovesick disease <3 can’t wait to see this blockbuster.

my heart broke a little when I knew my LaBeouf wasn’t act in transformers again. why Michael? WHYY? you know he still adorable and charming when take his part with Bumblebee </3

enough for the drama, sorry :p

stll, I can’t wait to see this movie attend in my city cinema!

Lifehouse feat Natasha Bedingfield - Between The Raindrops.


Take me now, the world such a crazy place.


Walking between the raindrops, riding the aftershock beside you.


Off into the sunset, living like there’s nothing left to lose.

from the bottom of my heart, guys, whoever read this post, I suggest you look their lyric and keep repeat it! such an iron man level.. (yeah, for me it means the song is so dumbass awesome! <3

say goodbye to Kiss The Rain, say hello to Between The Raindrops! X)